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Aspiring to serve my constituents in Canada's Parliament once again,

I am officially seeking the Conservative nomination in Port Moody—Coquitlam.

It was an honour I was given by the good people of Port Moody, Coquitlam, Anmore and Belcarra when I was first elected on October 21, 2019 as Member of Parliament and as the first Korean born MP in Canada. The experience of serving my constituents was deeply rewarding. In the process, I learned so much about the people and institutions that make our community and nation great.

Although I haven't had the official privilege of serving in the House of Commons in the few years, I've continued connecting with the community and supporting important causes locally and nationally.


I have not stopped serving.

Today, I see Canadians struggling to make ends meet because of inflated costs of living from groceries to rent and high interest rates on mortgages.

I hear the frustration of Canadians whose freedoms have been undermined by the current Liberal government.

I feel an urgency to make our streets safer, to better protect victims of crime, and safeguard our country from increasingly more complex foreign threats.

My vision for Canada is the same today as it was when I first ran for public office in 2019. I desire to see a Canada that empowers individuals and families to heal and flourish in their destinies. I want to see an end to vicious cycles that perpetuate addiction, homelessness, and family violence. I want to see young couples dreaming about their future with hope and confidence that they will be able to afford their own home and give their children the best future possible.

These aspirations were birthed from my experiences as a high school teacher who taught in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada, and as an urban missionary who served the homeless and individuals coping with personal trauma.

Compassionate service has been a continuum in my life.


Over the past year, my desire to improve the safety and protection of Canadians has deepened through my studies and engagements with national security and intelligence in Canada.

As one who has overcome many storms of adversity in life, I have cultivated the attributes of a problem solver, peacemaker, and a decision maker who can make tough choices when called for even when there's a personal cost. I embrace the sacrifice, accountability and moral courage required of public office and being a community leader because it is an honour to serve and a pleasure to serve with integrity.

Therefore, I joyfully declare, that I am actively seeking the Conservative candidacy in the electoral district of Port Moody—Coquitlam with the anticipation of once again serving my community and the nation of Canada as a Member of Canada's Parliament.

I hope I can count on your support for my Conservative nomination.

Thank you and may God bless.


Nelly Shin

Former Member of Parliament,

Port Moody—Coquitlam, Anmore and Belcarra

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