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The Arts

"The arts are important to me because it was part of my life from a young age. My mother is an artist. As a little girl, I watched her create many beautifully textured oil paintings. Her art made our small apartment come alive. In addition, I'm grateful for the piano lessons my parents provided with their humble earnings. I eventually studied composition and piano at the University of Toronto and enjoyed composing, recording, and performing music throughout my youth and adult life. I am blessed to have had opportunities to share my music on radio and television.


Whether it's making music, drawing, or writing stories, creativity is a continuum in my life that enriches my inner life and helps me to communicate with my fellow humans using a language that transcends cultural barriers.


During my term as Deputy Shadow Minister of Canadian Heritage, it was a pleasure to meet creative communities across Canada to learn about their issues and speak in the House to support their work and contributions to Canadian culture." Nelly Shin

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