The Beginning of a Wilderness Era

March 26, 2020

Five months ago, I had just won my first election. A month later, I was trying to navigate my way through the Parliamentary Precinct. Over the last several weeks, with shut downs and restricted means of travel, the world has come to a surreal pause because of COVID-19. And every government is focussed on meeting the most preliminary needs of our existence - health and safety. We are in a crisis that has brought us to the bare .

What I have learned from life is that managing crisis begins with a mind and heart that are grounded, centred, and at peace. Life is a marathon that can take us through deep valleys, steep mountains, and vast deserts without warning. There is no short cut or secret exit that allows us to bypass crisis when it arrives with resolve. I have also learned that rather than fight the wind, it is better to yield and learn to ride its thermal pockets. And rather than be paralyzed with fear and hopelessness, it is better to face the wilderness with the strength of determination, courage and faith. The wilderness can be a place of wandering or a place that defines the substance of who we are.

Through hardship, I came to value the importance of monitoring one's inner life as a means to anchor one's thoughts and actions during unstable times. Journaling was a discipline I learned during wilderness times. I will Through this blog, I hope to remain grounded and free to tap into all facets of my being to draw insights, ideas and answers. Then I'd know my steps as a parliamentarian would be guided by authenticity, heart and thoughtful awareness of the human condition and the challenges we are facing. Through this journey of reflection, my goal is to serve as a Member of Parliament who perceives this world crisis with clarity and is also able to offer meaningful, practical solutions, and tools for restoration and hope in my community and across our country.

Nelly Shin, MP

Port Moody-Coquitlam