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On a Journey of Hope
For a Healed and More Prosperous Canada

No matter what trials we face in life, as long as we have hope, we can overcome. But hope can't always be taken for granted. There are times when we grow weary of trying and need to make a conscious decision to simply choose hope and persevere.

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, life has become less predictable and challenging on our mental health and finances. Over the past two years, I witnessed incredible grief and anger as letters, emails, and phone calls poured into my office on varying issues from the strain of lockdowns on business owners, vaccination regulations, to procurement and everything in between.  People felt the impact of the crisis in their bones and they expressed it in their tone and expectations of what the government should be doing. The pandemic is wearing us down. 

In addition to COVID-19 angst, the exposing of historical shortcomings and intensifying ideological battles have been marked by a spirit of condemnation across the spectrum. But these tensions can be turned around for good, if  we have the vision, humility and moral courage to replace power struggles and oppression with a commitment to reach reconciliation, peace, and a culture of honour.   

Hope can arise, if we can perceive the good that can come out of these challenging times.

Indeed, in the midst of the storm, gratitude, optimism and resilience have beautified the horizon. We acknowledge the selfless service of healthcare and essential workers. Communities continue to come together and express their generosity to help the less fortunate. Factories retooled to produce PPE. Innovation and trailblazing emerged across all sectors.  I see the spirit of pioneers rising to the occasion.

If we can overcome the turbulence of this age of upheaval, and set our compass on healing and restoration, we will perceive a frontier of possibilities, the commitment to work through our problems, and build a stronger foundation with renewed patriotic love.

Hope is a torch we must keep well fuelled to light our path through this dark wilderness. 

Although I have transitioned from my former role, I am still committed to the vision I had when I aspired to serve as your Member of Parliament. I look forward to continue walking with you on this journey of hope for a healed and more prosperous Canada. 

Be safe and healthy. 


Nelly Shin

Former Member of Parliament

Port Moody—Coquitlam, Anmore & Belcarra